Prominent Trends and Key Technology Developments Shaping the Contours of the Modular Vacuum Pumps Market

Press Release

Vacuum pumps have wide variety of material handling applications in a range of industries. Modular vacuum pumps are custom installed into any space and can be customized for making them suitable for special applications. They usually don’t need any special fixing. They are designed for enabling end users get optimal performance and help in preventing energy loss. Some of the key applications are in the area of healthcare industries such as in dental, medical, and dental. The advent of vacuum pumps technology with preset or custom-made programs has taken the flexibility of modular pumps notch higher for end users in areas such as pharmaceutical, academic research, agriculture, packaging, and food testing.

Focus on improvement in evacuation time productivity will lead to advanced versions of modular vacuum pumps. Advancement in electronics used for modular vacuum pumps has also made the technology more user-friendly and intuitive and with more functionality. For instance, demand for devices with optional vacuum switch function help in improving the functionality of devices.

The report analysis drills into prominent trends and key technology developments shaping the contours of the modular vacuum pumps market. Current and promising industrial applications are given a critical look in the study, and the findings will guide interested market participants to look for avenues with new revenue streams in various regions.

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The rising demand for pumps which can be installed at ease, help in reducing assembly times, and bring down the cost of the system is driving the demand for modular vacuum pumps. The rising demand for modular vacuum pumps in spraying application and tank depressurization is boosting the market. New, exciting avenues have emerged in the modular vacuum pumps market from the advent of advanced products such as just-plug-it-in pumps. The demand for easy prototyping of work pieces in end-use industries has also catalyzed the popularity of modular vacuum pumps in various parts of the world. Efforts by manufacturers of vacuum technology to incorporate advanced features to help in better flow channels are expected to pave way for innovative applications across several end-use industries.

The advent of modular vacuum pumps with advanced electrical controls that can work in multi-shift environments bodes well for the market. The integration of automation features and safety monitoring devices is creating promising avenues in the modular vacuum pumps market. The rising demand for compact liquid ring type of modular vacuum pumps is also fueling the prospects of the market. The demand for modular vacuum pumps will also be bolstered by the rising demand for advanced technologies in the process industries.